Perfect by nature.

For many years Alfala has been considered an open secret among animal feed offering high quality protein, calcium and magnesium as well as a wide range of vitamins to enhance animal wellbeing and support the digestion process.


Our farm and all of our products are subject to the extremely strict rules of the European Union’s eco regulations as well as the rules of the Biokreis association.

Belt dried

After the harvest, Luz by Welz Eco Land is gently belt dried right on our farm, ensuring that only the highest quality product and selection gets delivered to our customers.

Intact leaves

Our harvesting process ensures that Alfalfa’s leaves stay intact, thus keeping their high nutritional value and long fibers and creating a true superfeed!

About Luz by Welz Eco Land

Welz Ecoland Holding GmbH is an Austrian company with a strong focus on organic and sustainable products in forestry and agriculture.

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