About us

Welz Eco Land Holding GmbH is an Austrian agriculture and forestry company investing in high-quality ecological and sustainable products.

Our farming investments include 3000 hectares (approximately 11.6 sqm) acreage in the Danube lowlands near Nové Zámky in Slovakia.

Werner Welz, Owner & CEO
Josef Schmidt, Head of Farming

“Being a farmer means to take responsibility: for the land we live off and for the products we sell. But even more so for the legacy and world we leave behind for future generations.”

Werner Welz

Welz Ecoland GmbH prides itself in constant quality monitoring – from seed to harvest. All processes and products are regulated by the European union’s strict rules on biological farming.  Our owner Werner Welz and the Welz family are renowed for generations of expertise in agriculture and forestry.

More information on Welz Eco Land Holding can be found here.